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So SOPA’s been put on the shelf. Woohoo! This is what I pictured in my head when I read the White House statement.

So SOPA’s been put on the shelf. Woohoo! This is what I pictured in my head when I read the White House statement.

get ready for some disco gifs, because why not?

get the year started right—wake up like this in 2012.

i cannot contain my love for the pilot!!

oh hey, i luv making gifs out-of-context from the sherlock pilot.


The man in the bed was handsome and young, face unlined and hair combed back with too much product. The Doctor smiled to himself. This man would have been a wonderful companion, so full of pure wonder and love. The smile faded. But that was not his fate. Instead, the Doctor thought, he would be thrown into the path of evil and torment. But he knew, knew it like he knew the paths of countless others, that this was the only path and that the man would not thank him from diverting him from it.

A young woman needed justice. Solace.

And Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dale Cooper was the only person who could give it to her.

HURRAH! So far, this 516-word one-shot fanfiction is the only online proof of anyone else having the same the fabulous Twin Peaks/Doctor Who crossover idea that I had the other day. Well, also this brief forum discussion. But that’s it. Here is an untapped market, people. I know that thanks to the conceit of the TARDIS, the Doctor can pretty much cross over into anything, but doesn’t the image of the blue box landing next to the train car right before Bob shows up seem fitting?? Isn’t Coop utterly a man after the Doctor’s heart? Wouldn’t he be excited and perplexed by all the time-warping? I wonder if the TARDIS would be able to fly into the Black Lodge or if it’d be one of those deals where they have to park outside before getting vanished in. The presence of the TARDIS would definitely instigate a measuring of the Lodge’s time/space boundaries in an interesting way. THINK OF MAJOR BRIGGS. PROJECT BLUE BOOK?! HELLO??

On a side note: the episodes “The Empty Child” and “The God Complex” are mildly Lynchian, y/y?

some other rando parks gifs i forgot i made. as always, feel free to take; idgaf unless i explicitly say so. click for fullview because tumblr reformats in ways i don’t like.

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